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Welcome to Tiger Tail

My name is Brooke Washburn-Hazelip. I currently reside in Phenix City, Alabama, and I share my home with my wonderful family. I am an editor, artist, and animal lover. I have always had a deep passion and love for all animals. When I was little, my mother allowed me to have mice and hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs, but I was never allowed to own rats. When I became an adult, I decided to get a few rats and see if they were good pets. My first two rats were a couple of black hooded brothers I named Nicodemus and Master Splinter. They were the start of my love for rats, and after lots of research, I decided to begin breeding. Nothing would prepare me for the journey that became this rattery, and I had no idea how much I still had to learn. Even today, I'm always learning something new! Part of my goal with this website is to educate others about rats and rat care. 

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My Goals

One of the main reasons I began breeding rats is because I wanted people in my area to have a place to obtain quality pet rats. My first rats showed me just how important it was to get rats from an ethical breeder. I had to work very hard to get them used to being handled, and both boys remained sickly throughout their lives. When it comes to temperament, I try to produce rats that are friendly and outgoing by nature. I aim to produce healthy rats and refuse to breed from less than optimal lines. I want to improve the rat as a whole, not add to the long list of rats that die too young from upper respiratory issues, tumors, or weak immune systems. If breeders all hold high standards, one day our ratty friends can far surpass the average life spans of today. I'm breeding for tomorrow, to make rats healthier, friendlier, and longer lived.

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