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What are people saying about Tiger Tail Rats?

​This page is set up for adopters to let everyone know about their experience with Tiger Tail Rattery. It is meant to help others if they are considering adopting from Tiger Tail but just aren't sure if this is the right rattery for them. These are my references. They are my adopters, and many of them have become amazing friends.

I just realized it was high time for me to leave my feedback.  I have adopted 11 males from Tiger Tail Rattery that range from 4 months to 19 months.  The quality in looks and health are obvious.  No tumors or other inherent rat health issues in any of these boys.  All have distinct personalities and big hearts that has my family laughing at the antics and loving the sweetness.  My boys are all big in size with gentle temperments.  I appreciate the friends I have made from fellow adopters (like Shannon, Kristy, Angela, and Catherine) who I have fun trading stories, ideas, and pictures with.  I have relied on Brooke repeatedly for help and knowledge and again...friendship.  If you want a well rounded quality rat, I recommend Brooke's ratties.  GGMR!!!
Tabatha M.
with TIGR rats Cissy, Lando, Tucker, Treasure, Mingo, Shadow, Icky, Tesla, Daniel, Morris, and the late well as my other boys Horatio, Murdock, Squiggles, Static, and the late Friday. 

This is my second time adopting from Brooke and I have gotten 6 rats total from her so far . All of my babies from her have been so sweet and loving from the beginning. They have all grown into such beautiful loving young ladies. They are great with my kids and even my other ratties. I have not had any issues at all. They are friendly and very affectionate. Brooke has also become a great friend and is always there to help me with advice for all of my rats, not just the ones I have gotten from her. I appreciate her for all the help she has given me and for all she does. I plan on getting more babies from her in the future :) 

Angela F.

I have owned five rats in the past, but they were all pet store born and unfortunately all died of health complications from contracted at birth. So I turned to a new service-- online rat purchasing. I have to say I was a bit hesitant to give money to these sites, but I found Tiger Tail as a beacon in the dark. The friendly layout and the lovely photography had me wanting, but I was not sold. It was only when I sent an email and received a lightning fast response. And then I responded to that email with more questions and again was answered fast and fully. I was sold at that point. Brooke offers an amazing service designed to provide the BEST rats on the market. I own two lovely boys and hope to get a third soon. Even after I bought the rats, Brooke still answers any question I have, just as fast as before with a friendly output. I encourage all that are looking for great pets that are loving right from the get-go to buy from Tiger Tail. There is no other way to get such great companions. There just isn't.

Ethan V.S.
(Coming from New Orleans)

The little ones that we purchased from you a few weeks ago are doing quite well. The one that is mostly grey we named Luna, and the other is Lily.They are still in their own separate cage but are getting along well with our other rats during play time. We handle them several times a day at least and they are becoming quite comfortable with people and being in hands. So far they are healthy and are overall wonderful little creatures. Thank you again for the work that you do. 

Bradley F.

Hi Brooke!
I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for my little man rats. I was blown away when Tabatha gave them to me because they already started giving me & my husband kisses and letting us handle them. They have been the most friendly baby rats I've ever had. With all of my girls it usually took them anywhere from a week or more to decide that they were safe and that they liked me. These boys started playing, grooming, giving kisses and all that stuff since day 1. You've done such a great job raising them and I really appreciate how much time you handled them and loved them before we got them. 

Thank you so much and Tabatha was fabulous. I enjoyed meeting her and her girls as well. They are awesome. :0)

Have a great day!!

Kristy L.

All 7 of my rats came from this rattery. When looking for a breeder I didn't just want a breeder but someone who'd be a friend and help me with whatever I needed. And I found it here at Tiger Tail! These rats were loving from the start, giving kisses and running around! My two current boys accepted the new two with kisses! If I ever have a question Brooke is there almost immediately with an answer! She's become a great friend, not just a breeder. She's given me smiles, which in a day filled with pain (shameless plug here: is so meaningful. I will always choose this rattery for my pets. Health, temperament, everything is great in these lil buddies! 

Thank you again Brooke, I love my Freddie, Cringle, Hays, and Marvel!
RIP Rocket, Major and Jaggger. Died from non genetic causes.

Catherine S.

  I have never been the type of person to buy any animal from a breeder because of the bad rep that most of them had. However, when I came across Brooke and her rattery's website, after reading what she had to say, I changed my mind real quick. I have never thought that anyone could put so much care and standards into the breeding process. She takes the time to ask very important questions regarding a potential adopter and makes sure that whoever adopts her babies has the proper knowledge of pet rats. I always had a problem with getting a rat from someone and rescuing them when a person does not question where their so called pet is going. Many of my rats in the past have had tumors and did not live long at all. I was lucky to keep one for 2 years. I never thought that bad breeding had to do with it.That is definitely not the case with TigerTail. Brooke takes what she does seriously and cares for her babies. Not just when she has them but she was there along the way to address any questions I had and still continues to even after the fact.I plan to keep in touch with her and definitely plan on getting any future babies from her. I have had my babies for only a week and they are friendly, outgoing, playful and just the sweetest babies I have ever had. Each with their individual personalities. I am head over heels with these girls. Thank you Brooke! I respect all that you do for the rats!

Angela F.

"Hi All! My name is Shannon Burnett my husband Jonas and I live in a small Texas town and I recently adopted my first 2 rats from Brooke @ Tiger Tails. 

Im a "newbee" to the rat world, & so as many know, there are numerous breeders out there, I was researching & looking around all over the internet hoping to find a good breeder close to me; however kept running into too confusing or not current, no longer breeding, or just zero response. It was sooo aggravating. I started broadening my search and found Tiger Tails (a bit farther than I wanted to go), but after looking through her website, which is very easy to navigate and reading her Bio I felt I could relate to Brooke personaly and I respected her views on breeding and adopting her rats, so gave it a try. She CALLED me the SAME day I sent her an email...SOLD!!! 

Brooke was very friendly and informative, she helped me understand the process of adopting, which went smoothly, helped me prepare their new home and answered questions I had along the way.

She posted on FB the happenings at the rattery & pics on the website quickly and was a blast seeing the babies grow, coats come in, eyes open and their cute little faces brighten.

When it was finally time to bring my babies home, I was soo amazed at how well they took to me....they both fell asleep in my lap on the way home (That feeling is priceless) I can tell they were handled alot and it just made it soo much better for me as well as helped them to adjust!

I've had them home now for 3 days and it's better than I expected it would be! They're beautifull, healthy & happy boys!

I've found a great Rattery in Tiger Tails and friend in Brooke, also some other GREAT friends along the way that are adopters also! Shout out to Tabatha (I owe her about 10 hours of driving and a couple weeks of rat sitting!!), Brittny, Regan, Angela, Catherine and Kristy!

I would be happy to share my experience with any prospective adopters out can't go wrong with this Rattery!

Shannon B.

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